Explore Lonavala in Comfort From Cottages and Guesthouses

Lonavala is an amazing town in Maharashtra, an Indian state. It is in the center of Pune. It is not past an acceptable limit from Pune city and Mumbai. The main product produced here guest house booking is the hard candy referred to as Chikki. This is a stop for the train connecting Pune and Mumbai. I surely could catch a local train at the Pune junction. The Mumbai-Chennai motorway and the Mumbai Pune expressway pass through metropolis of Lonavala.

There are many places I found very interesting in Lonavala. Rajmachi point is one of them. This is a few a long way from where I was staying. You get to be able to view Rajmachi, which is the most famous ft in Shivaji. The nearby valley also enthralled me. Other areas that was standing out have the Ryewood Park, Valva Dam, Lonavala Lake, Dukes nose, tigers leap and Karla caves.

Cottages in the neighborhood

I need to a personalized holiday i really decide to stay at a bungalow for a while. This allowed me to enjoy a quiet holiday and visits most of the landmarks i always had targeted. Due to the popularity of the area, I was among hundreds of tourists on the street. The food here is a true compliment to the weather. The food I enjoyed most included hot ginger tea, chaat, vada pav, shaved ice and ingrown toenail on cob.

I found no better way than to immerse myself in nature and all the sounds, sights and aromas of a beautiful bungalow stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gorgeous valleys and nature ion Lonavala boasts one of the most striking vacation rentals to choose from and I found a great safe place in my bungalow. Recreation and leisure have not been so simple. There are cottages that are purely economical even though you can choose a pricey one depending on your own personal budget. Some of the cottages come with kitchens and I could enjoy home grilled dishes even though I was away from home.

Guesthouses in Lonavala

There are also great guesthouses I came across within the area. The guesthouses are very comfortable and most have a living room where you can living room. Most of the guesthouses in Lonavala have swimming pools too, meaning you can relax much better regardless of the kind of holiday you are hoping to have. There are guesthouses that are purely luxury. I discovered that the more money was truly worthwhile, especially when you want to create one of the most some unforgettable moments while on christmas.

The other thing that was standing out for me in the guesthouses was the furnishings. The rooms in most of the guesthouse I surely could visit were so amazingly provided. There are also some guesthouses located in areas where they can offer amazing views of the area. From the guesthouses in Lonavala, you can set out on bike autos through the beautiful Ghats. With so many areas to visit, I never had a dull moment.

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