Is Gambling Making an impact on your Financial Harmony?

Think twice. Think deeply. And be honest with yourself. Ask yourself this: is my casino behavior taking a heavy toll on my financial harmony? Is it pushing me towards a financial burden? Is it putting me in a restless mind condition? Do I have to slot terbaru spend sleepless nights to find out a way to compensate the heavy loss I suffered in playing the other day?

I know how it started. Years ago you gambled out of fun and you won a big one! What a great feeling was that! You used to be on top of the whole world. The pleasure of winning was so breathtaking, nothing was like it. You can do anything to get that pleasure again. You can giving up anything to become a big winner like that!

I know you’ve got a thought of the situation you will be in if you lose in a casino. If you lose one, you want to win the next one to compensate. And the cycle goes on keeping you broke all the time. Some of times you have won and you had that overwhelming pleasure of winning. But could that winning compensate all of the loses? Be honest to answer that.

Well, you are not alone. Almost all the others who gamble feel the same way. And they could do nothing about it. It is in human nature. We are here, only by winning over others and nothing is more desirable to a human than an unexpected win. Human can giving up anything for a win. Even his own life.

But human society today has become extremely complex and sophisticated. The cultured human race forced to invent new ways to get the pleasure of winning. The basic idea is your life won’t be hampered if you lose. For this very reason, two nation fights in a football game instead of a battle field. Think deeply why that is!

As a cultured, civilized and a person of responsibilities, you also have to find out a way so that your casino does not make any negative impact to you and to those around you. If human race can do it you can do it too, as you are part of this race.

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