Add Character to your Garden With a Summer House

Summer houses are a very good to add a location to a property and make the most of the garden. Planning permission is rarely significant for timber sectional buildings if you black rattan garden furniture can’t live in an area of outstanding natural beauty or the site for the summer house is within 20 feet of a public right of way. They provide an excellent retreat for all ages and allow you to enjoy your garden to the fullest extent.


There are several conventional designs used for summer buildings. The lodge design is characterised by a hall and roof overhang and leaded windows. The Lomond summer house sports Georgian style joinery and a roof tapered on all sides. The Nevis summer house is designed to fit into the corner of a garden; windows on the exposed sides are also leaded. The Balmoral summer house design is one of the most spacious designs as it is also one of the largest. The roof slopes way up from the double central doors to maximise the height of the room inside. The octagonal design provides unrivalled light by incorporating windows on most sides including the doors. Is very important results in a very decorative structure and wide floor space. Chalet style designs are generally the largest of the standard designs. They are characterised by an L-shaped hall that surrounds two sides of the building. The roof also overhangs the hall completely providing a permanent awning. If you have special requirements or a unique design in mind manufacturers are often happy to obtain the exact garden building you are after.


Most summer houses include some sort of guarantee. These generally only cover decompose and manufacturer blemishes within the specified duration. You should attempt to name these problems as early as possible, preferably on delivery or during construction. Most manufacturers value their reputations for quality so there are rarely circumstances when these issues cannot be resolved.

Other Considerations

It is worth keeping in mind that the customer is answerable to checking if planning permission is required and obtaining it where necessary. If you order a garden building, make sure that there is a clear path for delivery with ample room and ensure that the base site for the summer house is level and solid. It is also important to check whether delivery and construction is included and once construction is complete, exterior wood may need additional weather protection and annual clothes thereafter.

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