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The Samsung A12 is a powerful Android smartphone made by Samsung Electronics. The phone has been announced in mid-November as a replacement for the recently released Samsung Galaxy A11. The phone features a quad-core processor samsung a12 with the Exynos processor, paired with Exynos AMLogic ROM based mobile communication system, features like fingerprint recognition, Samsung’s QWERTY keyboard, and runs on the older version of Android OS 7. This review aims to provide a brief overview of the phone’s key features and its possible disadvantages.

Let us begin by reviewing the hardware features of the phone. The Samsung A12 has similar features found in the regular Samsung phones like the Notebook series and the Galaxy S series. It also includes a high-definition screen, 5.1 inch Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch screen, 1.4 Mega pixel camera, USB Type-C port, and a proximity sensor. The battery size of the phone is not as large as some other handsets, but it does have enough power to last you through a long day.

One disadvantage of this phone is the battery life. While it lasts for almost a whole day on most of its usage, it seems to be quite short when the battery is just going through its normal use for a few minutes. Even with heavy tasks like gaming, the battery can last for just a few hours. This could be due to overheating after prolonged use of the phone.

This phone also has a motion sensor, however, it does not seem to be very effective. The motion sensor is located on the bottom front part of the phone and sometimes it is activated even without touching the screen. If you are standing in one place for a long period, the phone can also malfunction. It often stops working for no apparent reason. Thus, this feature is not that reliable.

The screen of this phone does not work on high brightness. It also has poor color accuracy and contrast. The colors are usually off center and distorted. It also lags time to time.

The Samsung a12 will run on any of the major UK networks including Virgin, Three, O2, Three Mobile, Vodafone, and Orange. It can also be used in the United States. The battery can last for a few hours on a single charge. However, it needs frequent charging and should not be left in stand by while charging. It is also recommended that you buy an additional charger in case it runs out of juice in the middle of a call.

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